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Davidson Associates specializes in Tenant Representation, a unique expertise within commercial real estate whereby a real estate firm represents a company in the review and selection of its office space, as well as the negotiation of related agreements. Tenant Representation is particularly important in sprawling cities such as Atlanta, where the vast array of office space and alternative submarkets has created a myriad of choices for a prospective tenant. Davidson Associates simplifies the process by providing the following comprehensive services:
  • a review and prioritization of the client's specific space requirements and targeted rental range,
  • a search of the targeted area(s) with detailed information on the appropriate space availability,
  • coordination of on-site inspections by the client of suitable properties,
  • requests for, and analysis of, proposals from the most viable property choices,
  • a detailed comparison of preferred locations on both qualitative and quantitative basis,
  • negotiation of lease/acquisition terms that will ensure the client's long-term satisfaction with its occupancy, and allow for future flexibility,
  • assistance with the coordination of the design and construction of the facility, as well as the relocation itself,
  • ongoing assistance with lease interpretation as property management or ownership issues may arise, and
  • negotiation of expansion, contraction and relocation terms, if required, which may include subleasing or lease termination.
Davidson Associates is unique in this field in several respects. First, it has chosen to represent tenants only (rather than both tenants and owners), thereby avoiding any conflict of interest and ensuring maximum loyalty and objectivity. Second, the experience and specialization of Mr. Davidson in major real estate acquisitions provide insight into the ownership structures and financial conditions of many properties. Most important, Davidson Associates expends substantial time and energy to ensure a creative approach to the negotiation process and to the long-term satisfaction of its clients.
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